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Guy celebs are continuously expected to be well shaped and look completely sexy.  The hotter they are lots of female fans they will have and anyone knows that woman fans will spend money and do what they can for them. These dudes are continuously in the spotlight and have their life and a lot more discussed about. These guys have to make sure that their star quality is constantly there and to keep their female fans happy. Besides from being sexy these celebrities are very gifted and proud of their career. Below is a mini list of Top Five Hottest Men Actors & Models Today:

1. Garrett Hedlund

2. Simon Rex

3. Penn Badgley

4. Shane West

5. Ryan Phillippe

There are a lot of other men celebs that could have been on this mini list, but at this moment these are our most loved celebs. They are simply sexy to glimpse at and lots of ladies like their films or music. Do not let it slip your mind to continue checking back for more entertaining artist, actor and model articles.

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Failed Celeb Couples

Entertainers normally switch spouses as much as they switch their underwear. Very little have a few years good before breaking it off, while a few are a complete disaster from the get go. Partnerships should be taken very serious, but for some rationalization most actors and actresses do not or they involve themselves into these hardcore   companionships that is definitely no good from the get go. Here are the Top Five Weird Celebrity Partners Over The Years:

1. Eminem and Kim Mathers

2. Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

3. Marilyn Manson and Rose McGowan

4. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

5. Mary J. Blige and K-Ci Hailey

This Top 5 list of famous couples have either slept with other people, physically abused and so much more to each other. These are the most dysfunctional partnerships Hollywood has been exposed to and I am sure there are much more horrible partners to come our way. Lets have faith that in the not so far future celebrities will pick their boyfriends and girlfriends more sensibly.

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